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A popular YouTuber has given 1,000 people a clearer vision.

In a new video, shared by Jimmy Donaldson, who goes by the name MrBeast, the content creator tells his 130 million subscribers that he intends to help cure “1,000 people’s blindness.”

The video, posted to Donaldson’s YouTube page on Friday, includes a compilation of blind or nearly blind patients who underwent cataract removal surgery that was paid for by MrBeast, as per CNN.

The clip also captures the patients’ surprised and emotional reactions post-surgery as MrBeast gives them money.

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According to Forbes, Donaldson, who’s known for performing big stunts that typically involve large cash giveaways, earned an estimated $54 million in 2021, which was, at the time, the highest earnings among YouTubers.

In September 2022, MrBeast’s team contacted Dr. Jeff Levenson, a Jacksonville-based ophthalmologist and surgeon, to help execute the initiative. Together they compiled a list of people who needed the surgery but were unable to fund it, Levenson told CNN.

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Eventually, he performed surgeries on 40 people within an 11-hour time frame.

Levenson also put MrBeast’s team in contact with SEE International, an organization that seeks to provide eyecare services to those in need. The ophthalmologist serves as chief medical officer for the non-profit.

“If MrBeast can light a fire, and if we can get governmental and private support behind it, we can end half of all the blindness in the world,” Levenson shared. “Without all that much cost, and with incredible gains in human productivity and human potential.”


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