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Former WWE star, “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, detailed a scary incident that took place in his home last week.

In an interview with Wrestling Inc. last Friday, the ex-wrestler explained how a man in his mid-20s had entered his home in South Carolina around 6:45 p.m. on Thursday. Duggan, 68, told the outlet that he tackled the man to the ground and took possession of his .44 caliber pistol and held the intruder at gunpoint.

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After hearing commotion in his neighbourhood, which Duggan and his wife, Debra, believed could be related to the man in their home, they decided to turn off their Christmas lights and told the startled intruder to be quiet, given the information he had told the couple — that people who wanted him dead were after him.

Until police arrived, Duggan shared that he kept his hand on the man’s back and had his weapon ready for protection. It was reportedly discovered that the intruder was fleeing from a group of individuals who were involved in a “separate legal matter.” Before finding Duggan’s door unlocked, the man pounded on “multiple doors” in the area, as per Wrestling Inc.’s report.

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The 2011 WWE Hall of Famer shared that he did not want to press charges and let Kershaw County Sheriff’s Department take matters into their own hands.

“Thank God we didn’t shoot him,” Duggan told the outlet after recalling the frightening incident, which he also addressed on his Instagram page.

In August, Duggan had some happier news to share. The famed wrestler announced that he had completed treatment for his prostate cancer, which he previously announced in May had returned following his battle with the disease last year.


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