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Prince William and Prince Harry have been having their differences recently, yet the brothers set those aside in order to present a united front in support of a cause that’s near and dear to both their hearts.

In a rare show of unity, the Prince of Wales and the Duke of Sussex jointly signed a letter to support a charity founded by a family that “we all love and adore.”

As People reports, the letter was presented at the annual holiday carol service for the Henry van Straubenzee Memorial Fund, a nonprofit set up in the memory of Henry van Straubenzee, a good friend of both princes who died at age 18 in a 2002 car crash.

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At the time, van Straubenzee was supposed to spend a year working in a school in Uganda, and the charity — set up by his parents, Claire and Alex van Straubenzee — raises money to fund Ugandan schools.

“We believe everyone here tonight will agree that what Claire and Alex have achieved since 2009 … is nothing short of extraordinary. As you gather under this roof tonight, the charity is supporting 51 nursery, primary and secondary schools in rural Uganda, where 1,700 projects have been completed and over 35,000 children, each year, are benefitting by receiving education they wouldn’t have otherwise had,” the brothers wrote their letter.

“For those of us who knew Henners, we will always miss his mischievous charm and hilarious sense of humour,” the letter continued.

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“Henry’s legacy will live on through the incredible achievements of what his mum and dad have accomplished over the years,” they added

“As long as funds permit, they will continue to monitor their schools, enduring that the children of south east Uganda receive that vital education, providing the opportunity to escape poverty as they grow up, and hopefully that of their own children in the future,” the letter concluded. “Thank you for your continued support in making this possible, and for the everlasting support of the van family who we all love and adore.”


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