Almost every second person in the US owns a vehicle which means they might need to move home and their vehicle too. Many individuals might choose to drive their vehicles themselves to the new location, but choosing an auto transport service would be a better option. People who do not know about getting a vehicle moved through an auto shipping company might think the entire process is complicated.

However, the process of shipping the car can be very simple, only if you are prepared and have thorough knowledge. All you need to do is designate a time for your car to be picked up, note your preferred location, and then show up to pick up your delivered car at the destination. The entire procedure is simple and quick yet very effective.

Hiring the services of a reliable auto transport company

Ship A Car, Inc. is the best auto and freight transportation expert that you can rely on as they have a team of experienced professionals providing the highest level of vehicle shipping and freight transportation all across the US. There is no up-front deposit as you just get a rate quote and sign the contract to load your vehicle in the carrier.

Why hire an auto transport service?

Hiring professional transportation for delivering your car is in your best interest. It is less expensive than the gas and hotel accommodation you would need while transporting your vehicle to its new location.

Moreover, it can be risky to drive your car in a new place, especially at night. There is a chance that your car could break down in the middle of your trip, leaving you stuck on the side of the road. This makes auto shipping more advantageous and cost-effective for your car in the long term.

The process of auto transport

Auto-shipping is just as easy to get done as any other delivery. Request for a quote, your vehicle is picked up, transported by one of the carriers, and then delivered where you want it. There are two options:

  • Doorstep delivery
  • Terminal-to-terminal delivery

Doorstep delivery is considered to be safer where you may arrange to get your car picked up from home and get it delivered to your preferred location.

The terminal delivery process involves delivering your car to a nearby terminal where you need to go and pick up your car. Although it is more affordable than doorstep delivery, it is not suitable for luxury cars as your vehicle remains exposed with little security.

You can either choose an open carrier if you have an average vehicle or an enclosed carrier if you have a luxury car in which you do not wish to be exposed to weather elements and road dust.

Preparing your car for shipping

Organize a few documents before getting your car loaded.

  • Auto Insurance: check that the auto transport company has an insurance policy.
  • Bill of lading: This is needed for international shipping.
  • Inspection papers: inspect your vehicle properly before and after delivery.

Auto transport is the most practical and convenient way to shift your car. Working with a trustworthy auto transport company ensures you have a pleasant vehicle shipping experience.

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