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Whoopi Goldberg is protecting her legacy, in this life and the next. Even after death, the actress and TV personality won’t have to worry about people trying to tell her life story without permission.

Recently, Goldberg, 67, was discussing the controversial Marilyn Monroe biopic “Blonde”, from director Andrew Dominik, during an episode of “The View”.

The film — based on the fictionalized biography of Monroe, penned by Joyce Carol Oates — has come under fire for its brutal portrayal of the movie icon’s life, and has been decried by many critics and detractors as misogynistic.

Amid the conversation, co-host Sunny Hostin said she believes that many people would be interested in making unauthorized posthumous biopics about Goldberg in the future.

“I was speaking to Whoopi, and I was saying that she’s such a famous person that when she passes away, people are going to make films,” Hostin shared.

“Actually they’re not,” Goldberg interjected. “They’re not going to make films, because in my will it says, ‘Unless you speak to my family, try it.’”

Goldberg herself is no stranger to starring in biopics, however. The actress recently produced and starring in Till, the emotional story of Mamie Till-Bradley, who became a groundbreaking activist following the murder of her 14-year-old son, Emmett Till, in 1955.

Goldberg spoke with ET back in October about getting to make the movie, and what it meant to her.

“I was glad that somebody said, ‘Yes, we’ll give you the money,’ because we’ve been asking a long time,” she shared. “We tried to fund it ourselves, we’ve tried to do a lot to get this story out there because… this should be the 10th of the stories on this subject [and] about this family. There should be hundreds of stories that tell this: for little kids, for [all ages]. This is the first feature film, ever. And it is trying to get people to recognize why we have to protect this. We have to protect this story.”


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