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Whoopi Goldberg joked about that “The View” on-air mishap on Tuesday’s episode.

Moderator Goldberg left her fellow panellists in hysterics last Thursday after accidentally trying to close the show 20 minutes early when they still had a pre-taped interview with Regina Hall to air.

The actress poked fun at the moment in Tuesday’s interview with Kevin Smith, during which he flubbed some information about his new movie, “Clerks III”, the Sun reported.

Goldberg assured him, “Listen, last week, I shut the show down, and we had 20 minutes left. This is my life.”

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She then joked at the end of Tuesday’s show, “I think that we want you all to have a great day, take a little time to enjoy the view.

“I’m never sure when I should shut the show down.”

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Viewers found Thursday’s mishap hilarious.

Goldberg said at the time, “Next, I want to say, you all have been a great audience. We love that you’re watching. We want you all to have a great day. Take a little– no?” as someone off-camera eventually got her attention to not close the show yet.

Joy Behar laughed: “We’re not done!”


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