The Better Business Bureau keeps a Business Profile for over 5.4 million businesses, including letter-grade ratings, which represent BBBs view of a business’s responsiveness to customers, based on complaints filed with BBB. The Better Business Bureau also keeps an overview of a company’s reputation, including its financial history, and reviews, including how well it has performed in its mission. BBB-accredited businesses support BBBs mission and vision, and their dues and contributions enable BBB to offer its information and services to consumers free of charge.

In addition to the membership fees, members may pay for plaques that advertise their Better Business Bureau accreditation, a special seal of approval for their business website, and even preferred advertising placement by the BBB. Businesses are not required to be accredited members of the BBB in order to take advantage of mediation services. Businesses are required to work closely with the BBB in responding to any customer complaints

If the BBB receives a dispute from a consumer, the BBB contacts the business in question and offers to mediate a dispute. In this situation, BBB may ask for a second response from the business. If the initial request does not result in a response, the Bureau issues the company with a second notification.

If the complaint is still not answered, an accredited BBB business receives one more notice, with a 14-day extension. Each time someone files a BBB Complaint Against an accredited BBB business, the business is contacted and given 14 days to respond. The BBB notifies consumers when a business has responded to the complaint, or when they have received no response.

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When a customer files a dispute with the organization about a business, the BBB contacts the business in question and offers to mediate between the parties. In addition to providing ratings, the BBB acts as an intermediary between businesses and consumers that are pursuing disputes with them. In addition to offering dispute resolution, the BBB maintains a database of businesses across North America.

The BBB also provides a variety of services for local businesses and consumers in their communities; find your local BBB here. Through the support of its BBB-accredited businesses, BBB works to create a trusted marketplace by maintaining standards of truthful advertising, investigating and disclosing fraud against consumers and businesses, and providing consumers with information before purchasing products and services. BBB handles complaints from consumers about their experiences in the marketplace with businesses, as well as publishing customer reviews, both positive and negative.

BBB allows you to search reviews, look for resolved and unresolved claims against a business, and, best of all, obtain overall ratings for the company. The ratings are based on 16 factors, which are posted next to every company’s reviews in the BBBs database of businesses. While the ratings are intended to help users make better consumer choices, BBB does not actually recommend particular businesses.

Website: https://www.bbb.org

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