iClima Earth Ltd. is a Green FinTech Company based in London. They have a progressive focus: Investing in companies that can decarbonize the planet. On the website, you can find this sentence: “We believe the best way to reduce carbon in the atmosphere is by not emitting in the first place.” This describes their thought behind iClima Earth very clearly and makes it unique. According to a press release, the company launched its first two U.S.-listed ETFs that aim to empower next-generation companies struggling with global warming and rising emissions to invest in “doing more good” rather than less harm.

The three co-founders, Gabriela Herculano, Shaila Khan Leekha, and Steve Berry, are all Wharton alum and have come together through shared interests. They all have years of experience in the financial sector.

iClima Earth has two exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which the following text explains in detail.

Mydollarbills- ETF iClima Earth

CLMA (iClima Global Decarbonization Transition Leaders ETF)

CLMA is the world’s first UCITS climate change ETF that provides insights into the performance of companies offering products and services that help avoid CO2 emissions. The CLMA is unique in that it shifts the focus from company action to reduce emissions to companies that provide products and services that directly lead to CO2-equivalent abatement solutions and draws attention to climate change innovators.

It includes, for example, Tesla.

SHFT (iClima Distributed Renewable Energy Transition Leaders ETF)

The iClima Earth Smart Energy Fund offers investors the opportunity to invest in companies that are at the forefront of the huge and rapidly growing renewable energy market for distributed generation. It highlights relevant companies capable of producing and storing electricity using renewable energy locally, decentralized, and modularly. It provides access to companies promoting the decentralization of power generation, enabling the creation and management of green energy near the point of use, e.g., residential, e.g., residential solar panels, energy storage, smart meters, vehicle-to-grid electricity.

It includes, for example, Meidensha Corp, a Japanese, Tokyo-based company.



Location: London, UK

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