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Wendy Moten is still recovering 10 months after her onstage fall during a season-21 live show of “The Voice”.

Moten tripped over a floor monitor, falling straight down on both of her arms, suffering a broken right elbow and fractured left wrist. She also broke a small piece of a bone in her left hand.

The accident happened during the November 23 live show and she continued to perform in the competition for the next three weeks until the finale on December 16, eventually coming runner-up to Girl Named Tom.

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Moten, who had just finished an epic performance of the Four Tops’ classic “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch” at the time of the incident, recently told People of her injuries, “I’ve never been broken before.

“And so, it’s a new experience, but I remind myself that there are people dealing with far more serious things. I’ll be OK. I’ll just keep working at it.”

“I couldn’t use my arms at all,” she said of the aftermath of the accident. “It was a unique situation.”

‘The Voice’: Wendy Moten Performs ‘Jolene’ With A Broken Elbow And Fractured Wrist

Moten had surgery the day after the finale aired and is still going to physical therapy three times a week.

“They put a titanium piece in my elbow to keep my arm together,” Moten, who is currently on tour with Vince Gill, told the magazine.

“Right now, my elbow is still crooked, and my fingers are crooked, but with the occupational therapy and the physical therapy I’m currently undergoing, I’m hoping everything gets back to normal soon.”

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