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Vivica A. Fox is surprised by all the attention she’s receiving.

The actress made a surprise cameo in SZA’s new hit “Kill Bill”, reprising her role in the original franchise as Vernita “Copperhead” Green – a move that’s unexpectedly thrust her in the spotlight.

“Oh my gosh. Did that go viral or what? People were making up their own storylines!” she told People of fans theorycrafting about possible “Kill Bill 3” hints in the video.

Vivica A. Fox Reprises ‘Kill Bill’ Character In New SZA Music Video

“My phone blew up that day and the internet as well,” she continued. “Yeah, I think people thought it’s gonna be this thing.”

Fox unfortunately had to break the bad news that it wasn’t really a hint about reviving the franchise.

“They were like, ‘Yes! SZA is playing Vivica Fox’s daughter in Kill Bill! Now we know! She’s gonna come back and go after Uma Thurman,’ ” she laughed. “I’m like, ‘Not exactly…’ So that was great. I was very honoured to work with SZA. She’s so lovely.”

“Mainly SZA was imitating Uma Thurman’s character because her boyfriend had did her wrong [in the song]. She’s like, ‘Should I go kill my ex?’ You know, people were like, ‘Wow, those lyrics are a little violent.’ It was a little violent, but ‘Kill Bill’ was violent, so come on,” she explained.

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“But I believe that that was also the hunger. People have really been waiting on ‘Kill Bill 3’,” she added.

For his part, director Quentin Tarantino wasn’t against the idea of revisiting the Bride’s story.

“I have an idea that would be interesting,” he said in a previous interview. “I wouldn’t do it for a little bit. It would be like at least three years from now, or something like that. But it is definitely in the cards.”


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