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Fans of “Kill Bill” can look forward to more from Vivica A. Fox in the latest music video from SZA.

In the brand-new Christian Breslauer-directed music video for SZA’s single “Kill Bill”, the actor plays SZA’s driver, reprising her role of Vernita “Copperhead” Green from the Tarantino movie of the same name.

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The martial arts films by Tarantino, which debuted in two volumes in 2003 and 2004, serve as inspiration for the video.

The “Kill Bill” video was first made available early on Tuesday afternoon, but it was quickly taken down and published again an hour later.

SZA tweeted, “Lmao it’s going back up shortly . Just everyone act surprised when it does please #KILLBILL”

On Dec. 29, SZA unveiled the first teaser for the music video, which featured the R&B singer zipping up a crimson motorcycle jacket and sheathing a samurai sword.

SZA previously revealed to EW  that “Kill Bill” will serve as some of the inspiration for the song’s music video.

“I love Vivica A. Fox’s character. I love Lucy Liu’s character. I even love Bill because he’s super complex,” she said. “I feel like he doesn’t understand why he did what he did. He’s void of emotion, but he loved “The Bride” so much that he couldn’t stand her to be with anyone else. That was really complex and cool to me. It’s a love story.”

“Kill Bill” is the second single from SOS, SZA’s second studio full-length and her first No. 1 album.


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