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Vin Diesel is experiencing a case of identity theft.

The action star was the subject of a recent Twitter meme that went viral when the Alamo Drafthouse NYC shared a tweet suggesting he looked identical to the first man on Earth.

The Twitter account for the business tweeted, “Scientists at Princeton University have reconstructed this 3D model of how Adam, the first human being created by God, might have looked”.

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A 3D rendered model of Diesel accompanied the post. The tweet soon took off, gaining over 200,000 likes and over 20,000 retweets.

The comment, however, was a parody on the meme of suggesting celebrities were reconstructions of the first human created. An earlier rendition suggested Andre the Giant was how “Joseph, husband of Mary, might have looked.”

While the Diesel tweet may have been a joke, Twitter users were amused at the idea of the “Fast & Furious” star being the model for Adam.

One user wrote, “the first family man” riffing off the “Fast & Furious” meme involving Diesel’s character in the franchise, while another joined in on the joke suggesting a render of the first car of “Adam”. They wrote, “Meanwhile researchers at Universal Techincal Institute have reconstructed this 3D image of how Adam’s 1970 Dodge Charger R/T might have looked.”

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Alamo Drafthouse NYC made sure to add a follow-up tweet in case there was any confusion over whether the render was real.

Just a reminder that we’re a movie theater, not an academic journal. That said, here’s our soundcloud: drafthouse.com/nyc,” they added in the thread.


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