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Water bills have become a burden for some county residents. Photo credit: cdc.gov

The San Diego County Water Authority has helped secure financial aid for low-income water customers in the region to cover overdue residential water and wastewater bills.

The authority is partnering with the Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee on Anti-Poverty of San Diego County (MAAC) and Campesinos Unidos, Inc. for outreach and education to make residents who are struggling aware of the funding.

The Low-Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) is federally funded and offers one-time payments to cover outstanding residential water and/or wastewater bills. The federal government allocated $116 million to California to help qualified households with their water bills.

To participate, customers have a year to apply – before August 2023 – directly to MAAC or Campesinos. The program will pay water or wastewater bills of up to $2,000. Qualified low-income households, including renters whose utility payments are included in their rent, are eligible.

Residents can determine their local provider for utility assistance by entering their city or zip code.


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