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A protection order against “The Crown” star Claire Foy’s alleged stalker has been extended.

On Thursday, 38-year-old Jason Penrose, who was accused of targeting the actress in November and December last year, appeared for a hearing on a stalking protection order, the BBC reported.

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A temporary SPO had already been in place since February, after Foy called police to report Penrose appearing outside her home and sending her over 1,000 emails in a month.

“There have clearly been acts that amount to stalking, posing a significant risk to Ms Foy,” a representative for the Metropolitan Police in London said at the hearing, adding that Penrose had posed as a film director and producer and contacted the actress’s sister.

A solicitor who arrived late to represent Penrose asked for an adjournment, telling the court their client’s “mental health is still under question.”

The interim SPO has been extended until July 28, with another hearing scheduled for July 22.

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With the order, Penrose is prevented from contacting Foy and her sister, with breach of the order potentially leading to criminal prosecution.

The court magistrate told Penrose if he was “relieved from the mental health centre we would be very concerned about your behaviour,” and warned him not to communicate with the claimants.

“I won’t, I promise you,” Penrose said.


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