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Tyler Hubbard says going solo was “healthy” for him.

The ex Florida Georgia Line member visited SiriusXM’s “The Storme Warren Show” to talk about his solo career and what it’s like creating new music on his own.

Warren spoke about the common trend for members of a band or group to eventually feel the need to prove their ability solo, but Hubbard admitted it was more about personal expression.

“Yeah. I think that’s definitely part of it. But also you mentioned kind of being under the umbrella of a band or a brand, it sort of puts you in a box to not be able to go super deep personally,” he explained. “So you can connect with the fans, but you can only go so deep because you have respect and you wanna understand that, you know, maybe you and your bandmates aren’t all on the exact same season of life and you can’t.”

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The musician wanted to share a new side of himself with the audience, which he couldn’t truly do while in a group.

“You know, you don’t wanna keep it too personal. So this really does allow us to shed another layer of the onion and say, ‘Hey guys, this is even more of who I am and welcome to my childhood and welcome to my struggles and welcome to my life and my family,’” he continued.

In fact, while groups splitting up and pursuing solo careers can be divisive for a fandom, Hubbard believed it was healthy for the artists.

“And well, you know, so it allows us to just go deeper, which I think is after 10 years of kind of only getting to go so deep, I just think is extremely healthy and energizing,” he added. “Which is why I’m glad we’re getting to talk about it these days.”

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Speaking on his new album and the track “5 Foot 9”, the musician shared that the song, which was produced with Jordan Smith, guided the sound of the album.

“Me and Jordan Smith produced it out and yeah man, it just, it kept getting more and more exciting as the song was coming to life. And this is kind of how I envisioned it,” said Hubbard. “It’s pretty diverse and dynamic and it’s all in the same family, but there’s extended cousins and stepsisters and brothers.”

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