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A Canadian dad has gone viral over his extreme support for his daughter’s fandom of Harry Styles.

When Toronto teen Sarita Rampersad received two tickets for Styles’ concert as a birthday present from her dad, she decided if they were going to attend the show together, she and her father, Nari Rapersad, needed to have matching outfits.

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With a very specific look in mind, the father-daughter duo hit thrift stores in search of the right items.


“She had the idea for the outfits, but I did find two pairs of pants myself,” Nari told “Today”. “He did!” Sarita confirmed.

“I found everything in the women’s section!” he said proudly. “It fit so much better than the men’s clothing!”

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He did, however, point to one drawback: “But nothing had pockets,” he complained. “How do you live without pockets? We had to buy a tote bag to carry my wallet and phone!”

Sarita began posting videos of their outfits on TikTok, with one racking up more than a million views, another more than two million.


night 2!! #harrystyles #hslot

♬ Satellite – Harry Styles


He painted his nails and everything #harrystyles #loveontour

♬ Man! I Feel Like A Woman! – Shania Twain

For Nari, dressing up with his daughter is a way to create memories.

“It’s the experiences that count,” he explained. “Seeing her happy is just pretty much all I want. I knew Harry would put on a good show, but I was living through her. Her excitement pushed mine to a different level.”


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