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The “Bachelor” alum had the time of her life ahead of her wedding.

In a new interview with People, Madison Prewett, who will soon tie the knot with fiancé Grant Troutt, shared all the behind-the-scenes details from her big bachelorette party.

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The Venue: “It was meant to be”

First thing first, the location.

Prewett says, “My sister, Mallory, actually found the hotel and sent it to me saying, ‘We have to stay here!’ So that night, I reached out to the hotel. The next day, I spoke on the phone with their staff, and the girl who was on the phone said, ‘I had a dream last night you stayed here before you got married!’ I thought, This has to be meant to be?”

The Theme: Because she loves basketball

The theme for the party was “Maddie’s Last Slam Dunk” – because Prewett loves basketball!

A good day to chill and then party

Prewett said that the first night was the “more chill night.” She said, “Get in, turn on a movie, have games, a pizza party-type thing in our PJs. And then the next day was a little bit more jam-packed,” she said.

From renting out a “micro-club” for skating and bowling to drinks, desserts and food, Prewett’s bride tribe did it all. “It was so cool,” she said.

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Eat, Pray And Have More Fun

Amid all the fun, Prewett also incorporated her faith into the weekend – and that was her favourite part!

“Something that means a lot to me is having prayer time and affirmation time,” she explained. “And so, I really wanted to have some time in the mornings before we started our day to just get together and share what was going on in their hearts and to have some time of just prayer and worship and journaling and hanging out. That was my favourite part of the whole trip.”

Prewett and Troutt announced their engagement in August, after being together for eight months.


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