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Tom Brady‘s cameo in a Fox Sports commercial promoting the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Qatar lasted all of two seconds, but that’s all he needed to make a self-deprecating joke!

The 45-year-old NFL star appears at the halfway mark of the 1-minute commercial featuring Jon Hamm as Santa Claus. Why Santa Claus? Well, the World Cup this year is being played in the winter (the tournament kicks off Nov. 20) instead of the usual summer months to combat the intense Qatar heat.

Anyway, while Hamm’s baffled that the biggest event in the world has been scheduled smack in the middle of the holidays, he and his army of assistants – including Ellie Kemper and Mariah Carey – get to work to assemble the biggest stars on the planet. After Cristiano Ronaldo‘s shown on TV celebrating a goal for team Portugal, Brady says of the 37-year-old soccer star, “He’s getting kind of old, isn’t he?” The joke’s clearly also in reference to Brady returning for his 23rd NFL season. He made a similar self-deprecating joke in a Hertz commercial.

Another hilarious moment in the World Cup ad also transpired during Carey’s brief cameo.

As Hamm embraces the World Cup being scheduled during the holidays, he wonders if they’ll need a song to commemorate the worldwide event. That’s when Mariah, shown getting glammed up, appears and says, “Um, do you have any idea how busy I am this time a year?” which is clearly in reference to the songstress’ “All I Want For Christmas Is You” track exploding in popularity during the holiday season.

It’s unclear when Brady filmed the cameo, but while he’s making a joke at his expense for TV, things are starkly different in real life amid marital woes with Gisele Bündchen. A source recently told ET that Brady’s having a hard time dealing with the idea of potentially losing his family.

“Tom isn’t taking things well,” the source said. “He wants to reconcile and was still holding out hope that they could work things out. He is extremely hurt and misses Gisele being by his side. He feels abandoned in a way. He loves his family, but also wants to continue his career. He feels like he is in a tough spot.”

The source added that the signs of the supermodel ending her marriage are there, as she has moved forward with retaining a divorce lawyer.

“Gisele has hired a divorce attorney to discuss her future plans,” the source adds. “At this point, it’s more of her decision to move things forward in this direction. Things are a bit difficult, both personally within their family, and because they both have huge assets.”


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