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Tom Brady and Donald Trump aren’t exactly BFFs.

The NFL star is on the new cover of Variety, and in the issue he’s asked whether he and the former U.S. president are still in touch.

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“No. I haven’t talked to him in a lot of years,” Brady says.

Talking about playing golf with Trump, he adds, “This was 17 or 18 years ago. I was so young. I got to go to a private golf course. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world.”

When it’s brought up that in the press, it seemed as though Brady and Trump were close, the football player takes issue with the description.

“I think they just mischaracterized a lot. And my personality isn’t ever one to insult anybody,” he says. “I have plenty of my own flaws. I’m not here to point out anyone else’s flaws. There are things that I agree with. There are things that I don’t. There are things I agree with my wife about. There are things that I don’t. I love her to death, but we don’t always see eye to eye. I don’t see eye to eye with anyone. And I’m not responsible for what other people say. I’m really responsible for what I say. So if people want to say things that I said or that I’m about, that’s up to them, and I’m not going to respond to all those things all the time either.”

In 2015, Brady displayed a red Make America Great Again hat from Trump’s campaign in his locker room while speaking with reporters, and when asked if the reality TV star had what it took to win the election, Brady responded, “I hope so. It would be great. There would be a putting green on the White House lawn, I’m sure of that.”

He later distanced himself from those comments, saying that they were “taken out of context,” but added of Trump, “I’ve known him for a long time, he’s been a fun guy that I’ve had a lot of time around.”

Also in the interview, Brady opens up about his brief retirement from the NFL and whether he decided to un-retire in order to win one last Super Bowl.

“I think that would obviously be the greatest way to end. I just have a competitive fire that got the best of me,” he says.

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On playing himself in the upcoming movie “80 for Brady”, the quarterback says, “It’s really interesting. I find it challenging — sometimes hard. Because you’re always paying attention to yourself as yourself rather than the character you’re playing. I don’t think that’s natural for me. What I’ve done for 23 years in sports is play myself. There’s no acting. It’s me on the field. When I’m p**sed, I’m p**sed. When I’m happy, I’m happy. I’m not playing a role. So when I got to go play a role, I have no programming for that. There’s not a lot of experiences to fall back on other than a few commercials that I’ve done.”

Asked whether he’ll have any scenes with the film’s stars, Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, Brady says, “With Jane a little bit — all the ladies at once. Mostly with Lily. She’s really funny, and when you see it, they make it look so natural. You’re on set and you’re going through your scene and she says something, but it’s not really on script. I’m like, ‘Is this just her normal?’ And then the scene cuts, and I don’t know if she’s still in character or not. I don’t even know the etiquette for that.”


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