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A recent update on Kim Kardashian’s pet dogs ended in backlash on social media.

After uploading a TikTok, which attempted to show off the festive Christmas setup the reality star had for her two Pomeranians, Sushi and Sake, Kardashian came under fire.

While she tried to capture the mini Christmas trees and stockings among other decor for the furry family members, she also happened to show the dogs, dressed in tiny coats, frolicking around the garage, where they appeared to be living as their large pen could be seen in the clip next to pee pads.

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The living situation for Kardashian’s pets sparked controversy and prompted further criticism when she deleted the TikTok from her and daughter North West’s joint account.

“This video was deleted from North’s account. Is it because Kim Kardashian doesn’t want people to think they keep their dogs in the garage?” one user, who reposted the video, questioned the SKIMS mogul’s actions. “I wonder why they deleted it…”

“They have acres of land but they keep dogs in their garage [shake my head],” another commented, while one viewer noted that their pen and pee pads are “probably [in the garage] because it doesn’t fit the ‘aesthetic’ lol.”

“Provide a better life for your dogs,” another user urged.

Meanwhile, some defended “The Kardashians” star.

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“Y’all know her garage is heated to the fullest. I see nothing wrong with this at all,” one woman commented.

“In the garage and still got their own Christmas tree,” wrote another. “Those dogs are perfectly fine lol.”

After observing the stockings and trees, another pointed out that the loved pets are “are doing okay,” while a separate user joked, “Do not call PAW patrol.”

Kardashian has yet to share more dog content since deleting the post.


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