Mercedes is testing a mid-size electric model with the looks of a four-door coupe. Youtube channel Autopedia showed a montage of what this model might look like. According to unofficial information, this is the future electric Mercedes C-Class which will be called the Mercedes EQC.

Photo: capture video Autopedia Youtube

Exactly a year ago, Mercedes presented the EQXX concept. Immediately there was speculation that a production model would be developed based on it. The rumors talked about the future Mercedes CLA compact model or the upcoming Mercedes C-Class mid-size limousine.

Mercedes announced in October 2020 that it was working on a new platform for compact models called MMA (Mercedes Modular Architecture). It will form the basis of the future compact range consisting of four models: CLA, CLA Shooting Brake, GLA, and GLB. The first model on this platform will be the third generation CLA in 2024.

The MMA platform is designed as “Electric first” but is also compatible with Plug-In Hybrid and Range Extender versions with a heat engine as a generator.

However, a question mark remains. What will happen to the future electric Mercedes C-Class? There are two alternatives:
– Using the EVAII platform from the expensive electric EQS, EQE SUV, EQS, and EQS SUV models. Mercedes felt it was a too expensive solution for the mid-size class.
– use of the new MMA platform developed mainly for compact models. It will, however, involve switching to front-wheel drive, which could be a problem for C-Class fans. But the future C-Class will no longer have conventional engines. So it seems Mercedes chose this solution primarily from a cost perspective.

Mercedes EQC: electric Mercedes C-Class

The new model could be called the Mercedes EQC, which will cause confusion as that name is currently attributed to the EQC SUV. But it’s okay, as Mercedes could name an eventual C-Class-derived electric SUV the EQC SUV, just like the EQS SUV and EQE SUV.

At around 4.70 meters long, the EQXX concept is close in size to the current C-Class, which is 4.75 meters long. But if Mercedes takes over the design lines of the EQXX, then the future C-Class will ditch the three-volume body in favor of a two-volume four-door coupe.

The montage shown by Autopedia on Youtube shows that the front end is very low and follows the EQXX’s line to achieve the smallest possible frontal area and, thus, the best possible Cx. In addition, the front pillar is steeply raked, just like a coupe, and the rear end and taillights almost perfectly resemble the EQXX.

According to the German auto motor und sport magazine, the future Mercedes EQC will also have an AMG version that will use the sophisticated aerodynamics of the EQXX. Mercedes wants to take advantage of the extraordinary aerodynamics of the EQXX (Cx 0.17) and the large 100 kWh battery that promises a consumption of less than 10 kWh/100 km. At the same time, the charging power is 150 kW at DC stations.


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