By Meredith B. Kile, ETOnline.com.

Blake Shelton was seeing green during Monday’s Battle Rounds on “The Voice”!

The Cowboy had his hands full with some impressive performances from Team Blake, but don’t think he didn’t notice wife Gwen Stefani gushing over Team Legend singer David Andrew following his impressive performance alongside Kim Cruse.

“David, you know I wanted you bad,” Gwen gushed. “I fought for you, I turned for you, your voice is so pretty.”

“Oh my god, Blake!” Camila teased, while Blake jokingly made some jealous eyes at his wife and exclaimed, “Whoa!”

“I’m saying, he’s got style!” Gwen continued. “You deserve to have the hype that we’re all giving you, ’cause it was so good!

Ultimately, the praise was just good fun, as John declared Kim the winner of the battle, but Blake was undeterred. In fact, in a sweet aside during the show, he was also seen telling Gwen how pretty she looked. No trouble in paradise here!

When ET spoke with “The Voice” coaches ahead of season 22, Gwen admitted that, despite the competition, she was having a great time being back on set with her hubby. “It’s just pretty fun,” she admitted, referencing one of the pair’s duets as she added, “Like, ‘Happy Anywhere,’ you know what I’m saying?”


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