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Taylor Swift sought an appearance in “The Twilight Saga: New Moon”, but her cameo was kiboshed by the film’s director, Chris Weitz.

Speaking with “The Twilight Effect” podcast (via the Independent), Weitz admitted his decision to say no to Swift is one he’s come to regret.

“Taylor Swift was a huge Twi-hard, and Taylor Swift and I had the same agent at the time and he said, ‘Taylor would like to be in this movie — not because of you, but she’s a Twi-hard,” Weitz said.

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In fact, their mutual agent told Weitz that Swift wasn’t picky about roles and would happily portray “someone at the cafeteria, or the diner or whatever. She just wants to be in this movie.”

However, Weitz decided against it, believing that a cameo from Swift would prove to be a distraction to viewers that would negatively impact the movie.

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“The hardest thing for me was to be like, the moment that Taylor Swift walks onto the screen, for about five minutes, nobody is going to be able to process anything,” Weitz explained.

“I kick myself for it too, because — I was like, wow, I could’ve been hanging out with Taylor Swift,” he added. “She must have been like, ‘Who is this jerk?’ But sometimes you make decisions thinking this is for the best of the film.”


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