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Queen Elizabeth II’s children paid respect to their late mother on Friday during a vigil held at Westminster Hall ahead of her funeral on Monday.

King Charles III and his siblings Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward walked towards their mother’s coffin, in military uniform, as they entered the historical landmark at the Palace of Westminster in London.

Prince Andrew Heckled During Queen’s Funeral Procession: ‘You’re A Sick Old Man!’

The four children took place, standing on each side of her coffin- draped in the royal standard- as they guarded their mother lying-in-state on the catafalque for 15 minutes.

In a clip, shared on Twitter, the siblings are seen standing quietly with their heads bowed.

Prince Harry Granted Permission To Wear Military Uniform During The Queen’s Final Vigil, Prince Andrew Remains Excluded

In previous reports, it was stated that the Queen’s second son, Prince Andrew, would not be wearing his military uniform for the vigil since royal tradition only allows working members of the royal family to dress in their military attire during ceremonial occasions.

However, Andrew was reportedly allowed to dress in uniform as a special mark of respect for the Queen.


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