Every reason that the NCSBE should reject the blueprint of the new licensure / pay proposal has been thoroughly explained by both Justin Parmenter and Kris Nordstrom in clear terms.

Read Justin Parmenter’s recent post on that Pathways to Excellence proposal that he has been following and exposing this scheme at every angle.

He highlights that in a vote of 9-7, the PEPSC Commission approved sending a “blueprint” to the State Board of Education for the new merit pay / licensure proposal that’s been in the works for quite a while.

A 9-7 vote is not a strong affirmation from the very group spearheading this merit pay scheme.

Kris Nordstrom has been writing about it as well.

In fact, he has a 17 page report that easily identifies what really should be proposed.

Totally worth the reading.

Especially if you are a North Carolina State Board of Education Member.


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