In late July, over 50 business leaders filed a statement urging the NC Supreme to back a judge’s order to fund the Leandro plan.

The list of signers included leaders associated with the state Chamber of Commerce.

Here’s a twitter feed from Keung Hui, the education reporter from the News & Observer when that amicus brief came out.

Here’s a link to the amicus brief.

But then this happened (from the Carolina Journal):

They not only claim misrepresentation. THEY DON”T SUPPORT LEANDRO AT ALL!

From WRAL.com:

The NC Chamber of Commerce’s statement can be found here.

In it, there is this statement:

“Let’s be clear. The NC Chamber is fully supportive of a continued dialogue on investment in education. Unfortunately, the action at the N.C. Supreme Court on the Leandro case isn’t just about education funding. The primary issue is now whether the N.C. Supreme Court has the authority to direct the appropriations process. The separation of powers clearly directs this discussion to take place on Jones Street, at the N.C. General Assembly, not Morgan Street, in the courts.”

That statement about being “fully supportive of a continued dialogue on investment in education” is interesting.

It probably should say, “fully supportive of a one-sided dialogue on investing in private entities that negatively reform education.”

Co-sponsoring with SAS is co-sponsoring with the company that produces EVAAS.

Do you need a refresher on how bad EVAAS is for public education?


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