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Black Chyna’s defamation lawsuit against the Kardashians really put a damper on the family’s fun.

On the latest episode of “The Kardashians”, Kourtney had her wedding dress fitting in Milan, but unfortunately for her, her family members couldn’t be there.

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The reason they couldn’t make it was due to the then-ongoing trial, in which Chyna accused Kim, Khloé, and Kris and Kylie Jenner of defamation and getting E! to cancel her show “Rob & Chyna”, co-starring her ex Rob Kardashian.

“I sent photos to my sisters and my mom, and they were all like, ‘We wish we could be there, Blac Chyna’s ruining it all,’” Kourtney joked in the episode. “I haven’t even seen one thing about it.”

In May, a jury gave the Kardashian family a big win in the lawsuit, finding that none had defamed Chyna or interfered in her career.

Still, going through it at the time took a toll according to Kris, who complained about the effects of it later in the episode.

“I am absolutely mentally, spiritually, physically tired — tired from the trial, tired from being in the courthouse all day every day, tired of thinking about this,” she said. “It’s just exhausting, so definitely a two-martini night. Maybe three!”

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Kim shared, “I’ve been taking notes during this trial. It was so interesting to see you have to follow the proper process in order to get evidence submitted. It is definitely really scary. I’ve never really been through a full trial where I’m up for something.”

She added, “It’s just fascinating to be living it and learning from it at the same time. There’s no chance I’m missing this — this is what I live for.”

Khloé was less sanguine about the trial, though.

“I’m literally panicking about tomorrow. Not just about the Met, and just like, the f**king verdict,” she said on her way to the Met Gala. “The facts are the facts, but the fact we’re in trial blows my mind… now we’re just trusting 12 people that are gonna decide? That’s why I’m nervous.”

She added, “I’m just so confused, that’s why I’m nervous. Why has it taken so long? To me, it’s an open and shut case.”

Kylie also said, “This trial honestly has been very, very stressful. We just want it to be over.”


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