Here’s the formula:

Teacher Pay Kept Well Below National Average
Less Money Spent per Pupil When Adjusted For Inflation 
Frozen Salaries For Years 15-24
Ignorance of LEANDRO Decision
Budget Taking Three Years To Pass

Removal of Due-Process Rights 
Graduate Degree Pay Bumps Removed 
Retiree Health Benefits Removed For New Teachers
Push for Merit Pay and Bonus Pay 
Removal of Longevity Pay 
Attacks on Teacher Advocacy Groups (NCAE) 
Revolving Door of Standardized Tests 
Reorganization and a Weakening of the Department of Public Instruction 
Remove Caps on Class Sizes 
Cutting Teacher Assistants        
Reduction of Teacher Candidates in Colleges 
Elimination & Reinventing of Teaching Fellows Program 
Indoctrination Accusations
CRT Accusations
Change Curriculum

Revolving Door of Standardized Tests 
Amorphous Measures Like “Graduation Rates”
School Grading System 

Read to Achieve 
Educational Savings Accounts 
Opportunity Grants 
Charter Schools 
Virtual Charter Schools 
Innovative School Districts 


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