The Cowardly College Board & AP African American Studies


This week Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis “outlawed” the teaching of Advanced Placement African-American Studies in the entire state.

Why? Well, because he is “anti-woke.”

The same man who told every teacher in the state to take away all classroom libraries until all books are properly vetted by his people has problems with a course that has been in the works for over 10 years and has been piloted successfully in many schools this year.

From College Board’s AP Central:

But of course, Ron knows what is best for all students.

The Florida Dept. of Education released this list of concerns with the curriculum.

AP courses are not driven by state curriculum, but in reaction to what this non-educator and polarizing policy maker has so puritanically opposed for political reasons, the College Board is caving in.

A spokesperson for the College Board did not respond to questions about whether the change was a direct result of Florida’s rejection of the course.

The organization had said that it was piloting the course at 60 high schools and that it routinely gathers feedback before it offers its courses more broadly.

“The official course framework incorporates this feedback and defines what students will encounter on the AP Exam for college credit and placement,” the College Board said Tuesday.

The Florida Education Department, which had opposed the curriculum, said it welcomed the revisions, even though they have not yet been released.

“We are glad the College Board has recognized that the originally submitted course curriculum is problematic, and we are encouraged to see the College Board express a willingness to amend,” Alex Lanfranconi, a spokesperson for the agency, said in a statement. “AP courses are standardized nationwide, and as a result of Florida’s strong stance against identity politics and indoctrination, students across the country will consequentially have access to an historically accurate, unbiased course.”

College Board is considered a non-profit, but that doesn’t mean that it makes no profit. They put together the SAT as well. Each test costs good money and ultimately goes to the CB’s coffers. AP tests are around $100 apiece. They are defined as non-profit because they are a public service company. There are no taxes on their revenues.

Finances aside, College Board through their Advanced Placement courses expose students to rigorous curricula designed to take students beyond typical high school standards with collegiate level work.

For College Board to “rework” its standards because of Florida’s rejection made by a governor known to use culture wars to stoke national political ambitions is hypocritical. Consider this from last spring:

Why the change, College Board? Why not defend AP African-American Studies like you did with other courses accused of what DeSantis is claiming with this course? Is it because Florida is the third most populous state in the country meaning that there could be a lot of AP tests not taken?

And what precedent does it set with challenging other AP courses that deal with liberal arts and social sciences? If College Board truly is a non-profit that serves the general public, then why let one man who obviously has lots of private interest dictate what is taught?

Those are not rhetorical questions.


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