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Taylor Swift is getting personal behind the inspiration for her new album.

Speaking on the behind-the-scenes process for Midnight in videos on the album’s pre-save Spotify page, she said there were five things that inspired the new music.

“The first thing that kept me up at night that helped inspired the Midnights album is … ‘Self-loathing’,” she revealed in the first video with a shrug and self-deprecating look, via Billboard.

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“The second thing that kept me up at night: fantasizing about revenge,” she said in the second video, sending a shifty glance to the side.

The promotional campaign for the album is being done in collaboration with Spotify as part of a new sponsorship.

Several billboards promoting lyrics from the new music have already appeared in New York City.

One billboard in Times Square reads, “I should not be left to my own devices” and another in London has the words, “I polish up real nice.”

This isn’t the first time Swift has spoken about her inspiration for the new songs. Getting back to her roots, she previously spoke about how one track is about “being in love” with Joe Alwyn.

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“Track one is called ‘Lavender Haze’,” she revealed in a TikTok video. “I happened upon the phrase ‘Lavender Haze’ when I was watching “Mad Men”, and I looked it up because I thought it sounded cool. And it turns out that it’s a common phrase used in the ’50s, where they would just describe being in love.”

Fans can pre-save the album on Spotify on the mobile only page here.


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