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Taylor Swift has touched a nerve when it comes to body image issues.

The singer is being criticized and accused of fatphobia over a moment in the music video for her new single “Anti-Hero”, from Midnights, her latest album.

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In the video, which features Swift critiquing and satirizing herself, her relationship with the media and her fandom, the singer at one point gets on a scale, which reads “FAT.”

Referencing her own battle with an eating disorder, the video has a second version of herself watching her step on the scale, shaming her for her weight.

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Many, though, were critical of Swift’s use of the word “fat” for that moment in the video, with many arguing that it upholds the idea of being fat as a negative thing.

Others defended Swift, pointing out that the use of the word “fat” is a self-critical expression of the singer’s feelings about her difficulties around body image.


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