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Chris Frantz isn’t too happy with Bob Dylan.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, the Talking Heads drummer responded to a perceived slight in Dylan’s new book The Philosophy of Modern Song.

In the book, the iconic musician writes, “Elvis Costello and the Attractions were a better band than any of their contemporaries. Light years better.”

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Though the Talking Heads were not mentioned, Frantz still took the comment personally.

“When I read that, I just thought, ‘Jesus, Bob,’” the drummer said. “’I understand you dig Elvis Costello, but did you have to put it that way?’”

His comments to Rolling Stone came after a Facebook post in which Frantz was considerably less diplomatic about his feelings.

“With all due respect to the Attractions and to drummer Pete Thomas in particular, I’d like to say to Bob something he once said to a buddy of mine: ‘Suck a d**k,’” he wrote.

Frantz explained that his Facebook comment was actually a reference to an anecdote about a friend who went to one of Dylan’s concerts in the ’80s, and saw the folk singer in the parking garage afterward.

The friend apparently ran after the artist, shouting “Mr. Dylan, Mr. Dylan” to get his attention and pay him a compliment.

“Dylan turned around and looked at him and said, ‘Do I know you? No, I don’t know you. Suck a d**k,’” Frantz said.

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Despite the nascent feud, Frantz revealed that Dylan may in fact be a fan of the Talking Heads, having seen him in the audience at one of the band’s shows back in the ’80s.

Dylan even invited the band to his place afterward for a party.

“We said, ‘Great!’” Frantz recalled. “They gave us directions to a house somewhere in the suburbs of Minneapolis. This is before GPS, so it took us a while to find it. We knocked and this woman came to the door and said, ‘Hello?’ We said, “Bob invited us to come. We’re Talking Heads.’ And she said, ‘Oh, Bob’s already gone to bed.’”

Finally, Frantz reiterated, “I’m not trying to pit the Heads against any of the bands of that era. There were so many good bands then, and I spent many nights at CBGB and saw a lot of superior performances. But I would say to Bob, ‘How can you make such a sweeping generalization?’ I think it’s a very good book — despite that one chapter.”


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