By Corey Atad.

The latest winner of Global’s “Survivor” is paying it forward.

On Wednesday night, Mike Gabler shocked and impressed everyone when he announced that he would be donating his $1 million in winnings to army veterans.

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Throughout the season, the 52-year-old heart valve specialist had expressed his intention to donate the prize should he win, but nobody knew if he would follow through on the promise.

“There are people who need that money more,” Gabler told host Jeff Probst during the after show. “And I’m going to donate the entire prize — the entire million dollar prize, in my father’s name, Robert Gabler, who was a Green Beret — to veterans in need who are recovering from psychiatric problems, PTSD, and curb the suicide epidemic.”

He continued, “We’re going to save lives and do something good. Season 43, all of us did this. A million dollars is going to them. We made history guys.”

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Gabler also talked about his experience on “Survivor”, praising the show and his fellow contestants.

“We all have the chance of a lifetime out here, the adventure of a lifetime,” he said. “What we all learned from each other is priceless. It all made us better.”


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