It’s funny that our state superintendent post the following tweet in response to President Biden’s announcement of college loan forgiveness for many in the nation (and NC).

Why? Because it’s just highly hypocritical coming from her.

Here’s the post.

That’s rich coming from the person who was the initial chancellor of the state’s “franchise” of a private online university that has historically low graduation rates and received taxpayer money to become embedded in NC.

Remember this? It was proposed rather secretly within the 2015 budget – page 86 to be specific.


On May 21, 2015, Sarah Ovaska-Few reported on the controversial online college known as Western Governors University and its shady introduction to North Carolina in “Controversial online college on its way to North Carolina?” (http://www.ncpolicywatch.com/2015/05/21/controversial-online-college-on-its-way-to-north-carolina/).

Some of the more eye-opening, yet not surprising elements of that report included:

  • “A controversial online university that credits students for their existing skills and knowledge could soon have a larger role in North Carolina, with a funding stream carved out in the state House’s version of the budget.”
  • “Though WGU is not named directly in the budget, a reference deep in the 317-page proposed budget (pages 86 and 87) written by House Republicans would allow a private online school that uses the competency model of education to receive some of the nearly $90 million slated for need-based scholarships the state provides to low-income students attending private colleges and universities in the state.”
  • “The online school is also quick to accept students’ previous college credits, but once students began taking classes at WGU, it can be difficult to get those classes recognized outside the online university, Pressnell said.”
  • “WGU’s six-year completion or graduation rate is only about 38 percent, a number that WGU hopes to raise to over 60 percent in coming years, said Mitchell, the spokeswoman for the Utah-based online university.”

And then there is this:

Rather than use the time in the previous 18 months since she has been in office to campaign for a better solution to the horrible principal pay program before it came into effect at the worst possible time, Truitt is using taxpayer money in the form of COVID relief money to avoid bad public relations.

And speaking of taxpayer money being used to bail out someone (credit to Kris Nordstrom):

Yes. That’s her husband.

So before Truitt even starts to think about showing how her “taxes” have been raised to “pay” for this debt relief for NC citizens, maybe she could comment on the constant lowering of corporate tax rates in NC when there is a major court decision called LEANDRO that states that NC has vastly underfunded public education for decades.

But until that happens maybe she can address the hypocrisy of her stint at Western Governors University, her use of taxpayer money to avoid ugly publicity, and her husband’s forgiven PPP loans that dwarf any person’s college debt affected by the recent action by Biden.


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