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Storm Reid is hoping for some positive vibes in the land of “Euphoria.”

While promoting her new movie “Missing,” Reid recently said she hopes there is “more joy” for her character Gia in the third season of the HBO show.

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Reid portrays Rue’s, played by Zendaya, little sister in the pop culture phenomenon. She is commonly witnessing Rue’s battle with addiction, which often includes giant outbursts.

“Gia, I hope that you get to smile. I hope you get to laugh. I hope you get some ice cream or something,” Reid said to Screenrant on Jan. 19.

The actress further divulged her hopes for season three’s writing to include a little more positivity amongst the array of heartbreak.

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 “My overarching hope for season three is just more levity, more joy, more grace. I think we have covered the entire spectrum of emotions in “Euphoria” over the last two seasons, so hopefully season three is a little less heartbreaking.”

“Euphoria” has been renewed for a third season following its season finale last February.


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