By Corey Atad.

Steve-O has finally met his match.

In a new ad, Ryan Reynolds invites the “Jackass” star to help him demo the MNTN TV marketing platform, but with the added spice of eating a Carolina Reaper pepper.

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Describing the marketing software, Reynolds admits, “Of course, that sounds like it could be pretty boring, which is why he decided to have Steve-O pull the stunt while giving his testimonial.

On Twitter, Reynolds joked that he “had a full medical team on standby in case Steve-O accidentally got a piece of pepper on me.”


After downing the pepper, which is rated at fiery 1.5 to 2.2 million Scoville units, Steve-O immediately starts feeling the heat while attempting to describe the software.

As things get worse and worse for him, Reynolds sits by laughing.

At one point he tries to chime in, and Steve-O shuts him down, saying, “Please don’t interrupt me.”

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Eventually, getting out of his seat, Steve-O says, “My whole throat on f**king fire like I just drank lava.”

Finally, he admits defeat, getting a glass of milk to drink and gargle in his throat while Reynolds finishes off the ad.

Reynolds is the chief creative officer for MNTN.


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