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Steve Martin and Martin Short are still the best of friends after 36 years.

The pair, who just received Emmy nominations for their roles on “Only Murders in the Building”, met in 1986 while working on “Three Amigos” alongside Chevy Chase.

Martin tells People of his first impression of Short, “We were on the set of ‘Three Amigos’, and he did something, and I just had this feeling like, ‘That’. As a comedian, you appreciate people who are funny, and he just had it.”

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“The three of us had so much fun in the movie and we did make a conscious effort to keep up with each other,” Short shares of the 1986 flick.

“Often, you make a film and you never see the other actors again,” he goes on. “We were having dinners and vacationing together right away, and then [Steve and I] made three other films together.”

“There’s just an ease between us,” Martin says of their friendship today. “Sometimes, I’ll hang out with Marty and I’ll realize I haven’t laughed that hard in two months. And that just feels great.”

They insist, “Laughter keeps us young.”

The comedy duo go on to poke fun at one another’s quirky habits, with Martin telling the mag: “Here’s what it’s like to be with Marty Short. We’re sitting next to each other, maybe in a car, and I hear, ‘You going to the Oscars this year?’ And I go, ‘Gee, I don’t know. It depends if we’re invited.’

“He says, ‘No, I’m doing dictation into the phone. Sorry, I’m sending a text.’ ‘Oh, okay.’ Then a minute goes by, and he goes, ‘The ratings were really high this year. Congratulations.’ And I go, ‘Yeah, thanks. That’s really great. I mean, we did it….’

“He says, ‘No, I’m sending a dictation to Bill Hader.’ And then I’ll hear, ‘For lunch, I’d like a turkey sandwich and some coleslaw on the side.’ And I won’t say anything. And then he says, ‘Are you listening?’”

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Elsewhere in the interview, the duo talk about their “Only Murders in the Building” awards show success, with Martin saying: “I don’t think you ever really expect it, so it’s a nice surprise when it happens.

“I am thrilled to be in an undeniable hit show – and to be working with my friend that I would hang out with anyway.”

Short adds, “It’s not like, [it’s] a hit we think is for the kids and have to pretend we think it’s great. We love this. If you came to set, you would see a very loose, happy [atmosphere]. Before you approach, you’d hear laughter first, and that’s including Selena [Gomez]. We all like to work with such a joyful exuberance.”


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