Any 10th grade teachers in North Carolina still waiting for their EOCT test grades to be sent back so that final grades can be tabulated?

Even if it is an end-of-course test that can be scanned through a machine or a test that has a writing component, those tests should be graded and rated “in house” by teachers familiar with the actual test because they have taught the curriculum before. Even if it is not done by the actual teachers in the school, then it can be faciliated by the teachers within the same school system who are paid for their expertise and will treat the tests in a serious and professional manner.

This state has the people who are willing to do it and the money to pay them well for their time and the capacity for those EOCTs to be taken and graded before the end of the school year instead of having a situation that is occurring now with late reporting.

Furthermore, with the caliber of schools of education within our university system, this state should never need to go to outside vendors for any standardized tests that is used in grading for a high school transcipt.

Because it’s just giving money away.


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