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When “The Sex Lives of College Students” returns with its second season this week, the Mindy Kaling-produced HBO Max comedy will be introducing a new character, played by Spencer Neville.

Speaking with E! News, the actor shared some scoop about his role.

“I’m the new frat guy that comes in and shakes things up a bit,” he explained.

First Look At New Season Of Mindy Kaling’s ‘The Sex Lives Of College Girls’

“As we know, where it left off, the girls were in a little trouble, and they got our Theta in a little bit of trouble,” he added, referring to the first season’s finale. “So I’m comin’ in a little hot.”

While his character may be in a fraternity, that wasn’t the case for Neville.

“I was not in a frat,” he shared. “But, I hung out with — you know, you go to the bars, you go to the frats. There was this one bar, and it was a frat bar. I forget the name of it, but it was the coolest place of all the bars because they would give you this 48-ounce styrofoam cup and half of it is liquor. It’s like $10 for 48 ounces. That was where I studied what it meant to be in a frat. How to behave, how to hold yourself, how to talk to women.”

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The second season of “The Sex Lives of College Girls” kicks off with two back-to-back episodes on  Nov. 17.



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