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Sophia Grace Brownlee is tuning out the backlash she’s received, specifically regarding her young age, since announcing her first pregnancy.

The 19-year-old influencer, who rose to fame at age 9 after a video of her and her cousin Rosie McClelland performing Nicki Minaj’s “Super Bass” went viral, opened up about her critics in a new interview.

“I feel like 19 is quite young, obviously, to have a baby. Usually most people are like, ‘You should have babies when you’re 30 and you’re married and you live in your own house,’ which is completely fine. But obviously everyone’s gonna have their different opinions,” Brownlee told E! News on Thursday.

The British singer noted that she’s trying her best to focus her energy on those who’ve supported her decision to pursue motherhood and ignore the haters.

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“I just feel it’s about the person themselves,” she continued. “And as long as you feel ready and it’s something that you’re happy about, then it’s really no one else’s problem.

“I’ve seen so many supportive comments about how ‘You’re young, but I had a baby at this age’ and it was so lovely,” Brownlee added. “It really makes me feel happy when I see other girls comment that. It really, really makes me so more confident.”

Speaking on becoming a mother, the musician said, “It’s a human, but I feel like it will just come naturally once I have the baby.

“My family and friends are so supportive. I’m sure that I will help so much. So I feel really confident about it now,” she shared.

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Brownlee’s cousin McClelland has been one of the important figures in her life whose embraced her pregnancy journey.

Following Brownlee’s pregnancy reveal on YouTube, McClelland took to Instagram to share her support.

“Congratulations to my beautiful cousin Sophia on the news of your pregnancy!” McClelland captioned an emotional photo of the moment her “Super Bass” partner told her she was pregnant. “To say I’m excited is [an] understatement, I can’t wait to share this whole new chapter with you and be by your side watching you be the best mum ever! Love you so so much.”

Brownlee commented on the post, writing, “Love you [so much], you have always been the best cousin to me.”

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