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“Saturday Night Live”  took a hilarious shot at Kanye West in a faux commercial for Skechers that poked fun at the rapper being escorted out of the shoe manufacturer’s corporate offices in Los Angeles this week, with Skechers issuing a statement to declare the company “is not considering and has no intention of working with West,” and adding, “We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate anti-Semitism or any other form of hate speech.”

“Here at Skechers, we pride ourselves on two things making stylish, comfortable shoes at an affordable price and having zero tolerance for anti-Semitism,” says a Skechers employee, played by Cecily Strong.

“That’s why earlier this week, when Kanye West showed up at our corporate office asking to work with us, we said no,” added another Skechers staffer, played by Bowen Yang. “And we immediately escorted him out of the building.”

Skechers Issues Statement After Kanye West’s ‘Unannounced’ Visit To Head Office, Has ‘No Intention’ Of Working With Him

“Like the rest of the country, we were appalled by Kanye’s horrific comments, and we vowed to never work with him in any capacity. But can we also point out that of all the companies he could have approached and been rejected by, he chose Skechers.”Everyone knows that,” continued another staffer, played by Punkie Johnson. “So, of course, Kanye came to us first,” Strong added, with a combination of pride and surprise.

“Kanye came to Skechers and Skechers said no. Do you realize how insanely satisfying that is?” declared another Skechers employee, played by Chloe Fineman.

“I guess you could say that Skechers employees are kind of heroes — like Sully, maybe,” added Strong.

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“Two years ago, Could you have imagined the headline, ‘Skechers Too Good For Kanye’?” asked Yang.

The commercial ended with a ray of hope for West, with one company still willing to do business with him: My Pillow, with company founder Mike Lindell (James Austin Johnson) excitedly announcing that “I’m proud to announce that we are starting ties with Kanye West, effective immediately!”

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