Taking care of my skin has been a part of my journey to self-love. Loving my skin during the rough times of acne and dark spots to loving my skin when it’s completely clear. It is a full love experience but what has helped me is to use products that are made with natural ingredients. Naturuim is the perfect skincare brand that targets all my skin needs without damaging my skin. Naturuim works to heal my skin in the most gentle and effective way. I know you will love these products just as much as I do.

How I use the products are by starting with the Rich Cleanser. This product is gentle but at the same time gets rid of all dirt. I then use the Vitamin Serum because it helps with fading my dark spots. Next, I moisturize with the Rich Moisture Cream. This product keeps my skin from becoming dry especially as the weather gets colder and my skin tends to change. At night I finish my routine with the Retinal Complex Cream to target uneven skin and develop a smooth texture.

I love a good deal and Naturium is offering 20% OFF ORDERS OF $50+! USE THE CODE: THANKS2020. Check out my top six Naturuim products below:

Mixed Greens Nutrient Rich Cleanser: 

Niacinamide Serum 12 % Plus Zinc 2%:

Vitamin C Complex Serum: 

Retinol Complex Cream: 

Marine Hyaluronic Water Cream

Plant Ceramide Rich Moisture Cream 

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