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Prince Harry is going viral after the leak of his memoir.

The royal’s memoir Spare accidentally leaked early in stores in Spain overnight and the internet is shocked over the revelations in the book which include accusations of a rivalry with Prince William, and claims he lost his virginity to an older woman.

Not everyone was receptive to these revelations, however, and some users online criticized the royal for his complaints, leading to the hashtag #ShutUpHarry to trend on Twitter.

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One user wrote, “A grown-a– “military” man..who served two tours in Afghanistan, has written a book..to whinge that he was left TERRIFIED, when his older brother shouted at him and broke his necklace 😂 It just gets more and more pathetic!”

Others berated the prince for his vulnerability in the novel

“#ShutUpHarry What an absolute tosser you are. I put my brother through a shop window and I don’t think he was ever terrified. Bros fights, but don’t sh-t on each other. For a military man, you need to grow a pair, or does Megan have them in her handbag,” wrote one Twitter user.

Some users found his comments on his late mother, Princess Diana, to be distasteful in light of her death.

“Why would you come out and say this it’s so private. No one in the world needs to know any of this, not that I believe it. Any child out there wouldn’t want their parent to remarry. Fgs this is pathetic Hawwy #ShutUpHarry,” they wrote.

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The Spare title of his memoir was meant to reflect his status as a “spare” heir for the crown, with his brother as the heir apparent.

Spare was due for release on Jan. 10.


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