Top-grain and full-grain leather wallets are among the best quality wallets available in the market. Corrected-grain leather is also used in top quality leather wallets. Reconstituted leathers that are basically bonded and split leathers are mainly used in low-end leather wallets instead of top-quality wallets. This researched guide will help you decide on whether you should purchase full grain leather wallet or a top grain leather wallet.

All these kinds of leathers are similar in that they begin from
tanned hides, mostly cowhides. A slaughterhouse sends hides to a tannery, which
then transforms the hides into usable leather that can be sold as wallets.

This article talks about top grain
leather, full-grain leather, how to identify
full-grain leather
, and which leather is the best to choose for wallets. That is, we
will discuss full-grain leather vs. top grain

We will also be naming the best wallets to purchase in the market,
in both top-grain and full-grain leather.

Let us begin with learning about top grain leather.

Top Grain Leather

Top grain leather is a kind of leather available. The name itself can get anyone thinking it is the best quality leather. According to aficionados at Mahi Leather, top grain leather is the second-best quality leather available in the market.

Top grain leather is leather that has undergone treatment with
exfoliation. The top layer of
the leather has been buffed as well as sanded leading to a uniform and blank
surface that is free of imperfections.

After this process, an imitation grain is applied at times. This leads to gaining an even more even and plain appearance. This process also provides stain-resistance that is not provided by all kinds of leather. Due to this extra treatment, this specific top-grain leather type is known as corrected grain leather. The name is pretty obvious due to the process of correction.

Full Grain Leather

Full-grain leather does sound like the whole-grain bread everyone
recommends to eat. However, this is literally the best kind of leather you can purchase with
your money.

Full-grain leather is made through the removal of fur and leaving
out the grain as it is. The tanning process is then begun on the leather. The
leather that results from this process has good durability and strength.

Another advantage of full grain leather is that it looks much more
natural when compared to top grain leather.

Sometimes you can make your full-grain leather look fancy and
beautiful by coating it. For some occasions, you can literally coat them with a
special kind of wax that creates something called ‘crazy horse leather.’

Although this name sounds rather irrelevant, it creates a beautiful
appearance and is visually appealing.

The resulting top-quality
leather is a beautiful looking full-grain leather with better qualities than
top grain leather. It is the best option
and combines the best of both

Full Grain Leather Vs. Top Grain Leather For Wallets

Now coming to Full-grain leather
vs. top grain leather,
we have reached an
interesting discussion of this article.

Given these two options, what should you choose?

It mainly depends on your aesthetic.

If you are among the kinds of people who like minimalism and versatility,
you will like top grain leather wallets. Top grain leather wallets tend to have a
smooth and uniform finish. If you are a young professional or guy-next-door,
this is for you!

If you are among the kinds of people who like a rugged and raw look to
your wallet, you will like the full-grain leather wallet. The full-grain
leather wallet sports a raw and natural feel and forms a customized patina over
a period of time. If you are more casual or are older in age, this one is best for you!

Have you ever come across leather that specifies ‘genuine leather’?
This generally refers to ‘split leather.’ This is a low-quality leather that is
almost the same as the cow flesh.

Genuine leather may also refer to reconstituted leather or bonded
leather. This refers to leather scraps that are fit together using a medium
like glue. This kind of leather is worse than split leather.

Genuine leather is supposed to use the whole tanned hide. But in the
wallet industry, it means the low-quality stuff.

How To Identify Full Grain Leather?

Full-grain leather can be identified by bending or squeezing it. The
leather should not burst while doing that. Also, you will be able to view
visible pores on the surface of the leather.

Other than aesthetics, another point to consider while choosing the
leather for you is functionality. Your wallet may be thrown around, bent, sat
on, etc., and needs to be durable enough to sustain the abuse.

Top grain leather wallets are pretty to look at with designs of
all kinds. They can stand up well, too. But, if you are looking for top-level durability in your wallet, go for
full-grain leather wallets.

Summing up the full-grain
leather vs. top grain leather
 discussion, full-grain
leather is the best option
to choose. Top grain
lather is not something to run away from, either. Both these types of leather
are of the best kinds.

Reviews Of The Best Wallets To Purchase In The Top And Full-Grain Leather Types

Top grain leather best choice

Ekster Parliament

Ekster Parliament is made using top grain leather. It is sourced
from the top-rated certified tanneries. The edges of this top grain leather
wallet are well polished and burnished. There is a card ejector that pops up a
total of 6 cards. They pop up from an RFID protected aluminum-based case.

The full-grain leather best choice

Kore Slim

Kore Slim is made using full-grain leather. It has a military-grade money clip that is removable and made of carbon-fiber. The edges of this wallet are well burnished and polished smoothly. You can easily use the given pull tab for ejecting a maximum of 8 cards.

Kinds Of Leather

Let’s look at various terminologies and kinds of leather available.

Embossed leather

Embossing leather is a process wherein the cowhide is rolled or
stamped with pressure for creating a new grain on the surface. Pebble grain is
a commonly known example, but there are other kinds too, such as animal prints,
animal designs, and grains to mimic the original grain.

The embossing process is typically done to corrected grain leather.

Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather is top-grain
leather that has been brushed and buffed for creating a soft look and
suede-like feel. But, Nubuck leather is way more durable and stronger when
compared to suede. Nubuck does not sport as good stain resistance as other
kinds of top-grain leathers.

Corrected grain leather

Corrected grain leather is leather that has been ‘corrected’ by buffing away any markings and blemishes on its surface. After the surface becomes uniform, embossing is done into a pebble grain pattern or a natural pattern. It is also pigmented or colored. Most of the leather used in upholstery is made with corrected grain leather. 

Summing Up

Wallets can use many kinds of leather. The best kinds of leather are both top grain leather and full-grain leather. The kind of leather you
should choose majorly depends on your choice of aesthetic and choice of

When we discuss full-grain
leather vs. top grain leather
, full-grain leather is the best kind of leather to choose from
for your wallets. But if you are a young professional who wishes for a sleek
look, you would like the top
grain leather wallets better.

 If you see any labels such as ‘genuine leather’ on a leather wallet, remember that it does not mean the best leather. Slowly but surely, you will learn to distinguish different types of leather just by the look and feel of it!


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