By Brent Furdyk.

King Charles can count on the support of Sharon Osbourne.

As the new King of England steps into the role he’s been working toward for 73 years, Osbourne appeared on Britain’s TalkTV and discussed the new monarch with co-host Piers Morgan.

While sharing her belief that “people will never stop mourning for” Queen Elizabeth, she also offered her confidence in the new monarch.

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“But I do have to say that I think Charles will be an amazing king,” Osbourne said.

“I have so much respect for him, and I think that he will take care of all of us,” she added.

Morgan agreed, pointing out that the fact that Charles has been “the longest-serving king-in-waiting,” and has had “so long to prepare for this, to watch how his mother has led the country, and I agree with you, I think Charles really will be a very good king.”

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However, Osbourne also conceded that Charles “cannot follow, he can’t fill her shoes, but he will do it his way, and I have full confidence.”

She added, “I adore him, I respect him, and he will do great things for this country.”


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