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Ozzy Osbourne shared a health update as he appeared on “Good Morning America” alongside his wife Sharon on Wednesday.

The rocker, who revealed his Parkinson’s disease diagnosis in an interview with Robin Roberts in January 2020, said of how his mobility is these days: “Not great… I have to negotiate everywhere I wanna go and I tire easily. But I am well. My family has been absolutely wonderful.”

Ozzy Osbourne Opens Up About Life With Parkinson’s: ‘I Feel Like I’m Walking Around In Lead Boots’

Sharon added of how he’s been, “He’s a pain in the butt. Everything from heartbreaking to soul-destroying to joys of his getting better.”

Ozzy, who has had years of health issues following a quad bike accident at his estate in 2003, underwent spinal surgery in June to help with the pain.

Sharon shared: “These metal plates were working their way out. The debris was rubbing on his spinal cord; he would literally be crying in pain some days.

The musician admitted, “Before I would be talking to you [hunched over,]” adding that he wouldn’t have been able to look at him properly before.

He added, “Since I had this surgery I have improved significantly.”

Sharon And Ozzy Osbourne Cite Mass Shootings As Reason For Leaving US

Sharon is set to be the subject of an upcoming docuseries that will mention her controversial split from “The Talk”.

She said of what came to mind when she looked back on that time now, “An education and no regrets. No more saying sorry, because I’m not. I didn’t do anything wrong except ask questions.”

After spending more than two decades in America, Ozzy and Sharon are now returning to live in the U.K., where they will document their move with a new show titled “Home to Roost”.

Ozzy said of whether they were heading back to the U.K. because of gun violence in the U.S.: “It is alarming the amount of guns and school shootings.”

Sharon added, “Do I feel safe living here without security? No way. [That’s] one of the reasons we are moving back. But I [also just] want to go home.”


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