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Shania Twain has learned to love herself in the skin she’s in.

The three-time Grammy Award-winning artist said it’s been a long journey to self-empowerment, but it’s one she wants to share with her audience on her new album Queen of Me.

“The album was very much written as an exercise to lift my spirits, really. [I] started reflecting more on my own self-confidence,” she told ET Canada’s Jedson Tavernier. “Where am I really at? You know, a self-confidence check. Am I living my self-empowerment beliefs?”

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Part of that journey was coming to the realization that growing older helped her let go of past mistakes.

“And then so like at 57, I’m like, well, you know what? Whatever I can’t change that I’m not comfortable with? It’s time to frigging deal with it,” she explained. “Get real with myself. Can I look in the mirror with the lights on and be okay with that? Does it make me cringe? Does it make me uncomfortable? Am I squirming in my own skin? If I am, this is a problem. The time is now. Like, change that. You know, if you don’t love yourself naked, get to it, man.”

For Twain, loving yourself naked really meant “living that reflection” rather than just being empowered by it.

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“I really want to just wanted to start living that reflection. You don’t really need to see yourself. You have to be yourself — so it’s really not about a reflection at all. That means, you know, letting other people see you for who you really are and believing that,” she explained. “I guess just being inspired by that — you have to live your own reflection. Otherwise, your inspiration means nothing. So, if I’m going to sing ‘Queen of Me’, then I’ve got to be the queen of me.”

Queen of Me is set for release on Feb. 3.

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