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Seth Rogen has some notes for the Critics Choice Awards.

The actor stepped onstage to present the Best Comedy Series award, but was confused about the way they were presenting multiples awards at a time, asking, if they “always give two awards out at the same time.”

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The Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress categories were announced at the same time.

“That was weird,” he said. “Why do they do that? Are we crunched for time? Get another hour! It can’t be that expensive. You know how I know that? This show airs at 4 p.m. on the CW. That cannot be pricey… timeslot, from my understanding of how this all works.”

He didn’t stop there, however, noting how the network didn’t manage to land any nominations in the show.

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“I’m not saying the CW is bad. What I will say, it is the one network to receive zero Critics Choice nominations — you are saying it’s bad,” he continued. “We’re on your least favourite network. How did that happen? Nominate yourselves next time, you’d have won. No one will think it’s weird, they’ll think it’s fine.”

He finished off his speech with another joke at the network’s expense.

“If you’re a normal viewer of the CW, this is a startling image to be seeing on your television right now. I might be the first Jew on the CW in history. Soak it in,” he added.


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