By Brent Furdyk.

Seth Rogen is getting in the Airbnb business — albeit temporarily.

As Variety reports, Rogen is listing his creative retreat in Los Angeles on Airbnb, asking just $42 per night — and, as a bonus, Rogen will even make an appearance, inviting guests to learn some pottery skills from him.

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There is a catch, however; the space (which is inspired by his Houseplant cannabis company) is only available for three one-night stays — Feb. 15, 16 and 17 — with U.S. residents invited to book a stay beginning Feb. 7 at 10 a.m. PT at airbnb.com/houseplant.

“Hi. It’s me, Seth! If you’re reading this, you’re considering booking a night at the Houseplant-inspired retreat,” Rogen writes in the Airbnb listing.

“What makes it Houseplant-y, you may be asking? Well, it’s stocked with some of our favourite Housegoods (even a pre-release copy of our NEW Vinyl Box Set Vol 2!). The mid-century styling and LA views also have a distinctly Houseplant feel. And there’s the fact that I’ll be there to welcome you, which given that I’m the founder, adds to the Houseplant-ness. I AM HOUSEPLANT!!!” he adds.

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The space itself is described as “mid-century modern” that “is an ideal getaway if you’re looking for inspiration, or just for a good hang. There’s also a pottery wheel there.”

Visitors are invited to “get a glimpse” into Rogen’s creative process by throwing some pottery with him in the in-house pottery studio. “I’m a pretty good teacher!” he promises.

Other amenities include “a fully-stocked fridge by which I mean go ahead and de-stock it / eat it all,” Rogen jokes.

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Adds Rogen in a statement: “I don’t know what’s more of a Houseplant vibe than a creative retreat at a mid-century Airbnb filled with our Housegoods, a pottery wheel and incredible views of L.A. Add me, and you’ll have the ultimate experience.”


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