By Corey Atad.

One man has taken getting high too far even for Seth Rogen.

Instagram user Wood Man has been trying for weeks now to get the attention of noted potheads Rogen Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa to notice him online.

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In order to do so, he’s been sticking marijuana blunts in his nostrils and ears to get their attention.

Wood Man finally got what he was after when Twitter account HoodFamousTV shared his Day 43 video, in which he catches a blunt in his mouth while four other lit blunts stick out of his nose and ears.

Seeing the video, Rogen tweeted, “Dear god man I’m noticing you,” and told him there’s no need to “proceed to the next holes!”

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Wiz Khalifa reposted Wood Man’s video on his Instagram Story well, but he’s already moving on to get the attention of other celebrities like Drake and Barack Obama.

Rogen has long been associated with his love for smoking pot, taking it so far as to launch his own cannabis company, Houseplant.


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